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This is a very sad day in British politics

This is a very sad day in British politics, when a very long standing and experienced politician feels she can no longer belong to the Party she has associated with for over 55 years. I have had the pleasure to know Dame Louise Ellman MP especially during the three years I was at Liverpool, and know at first hand how dedicated she is. I also know how she has stood firm to stay with the Labour Party despite the fact that she has been abused by members of the Labour Party all because she is Jewish.

I might not have agreed with her in her determination to hold out, but I respected her resolve to not be hounded out. However, now that Louise has finally decided to bow out of the Labour Party, this is not only an indicator of depth of which the Labour Party has fallen, it is also an indicator of the bad state of British politics. We have already seen this with the Brexit debacle, and the behaviour of some MPs in Parliament. But, that this now impacts on an MP who has worked to benefit her constituency and her country, is a damning testimony on the whole state of politics and especially the Labour Party.

When I was in Liverpool, I was very happy to interact with the local Labour Party leadership, but I now fear that the radicals who have now taken over the Party, will lead to disaster. Louise and others are now better off out of the Labour Party, and I am sure she will continue to work for the good of the UK public domain.

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