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Torah Thoughts

Everybody participated in the building of the Mishkan with the providing of the materials and the making of the different parts. This included the wise women who wove the intricate textiles and the princes of the Twelve Tribes who donated the precious stones that were laid in the Kohen Gadol’s breastplate. Bezalel the master builder had the task of overseeing and constructing the Mishkan with the assistance of Aholiav. Everyone gave so enthusiastically that an announcement had to be sent out to stop bringing because there were more than enough materials, and this communal spirit continues to this day. In this way we can all feel a part of the community and find support and friendship.


All it takes is to recreate the same wonderful spirit of enthusiasm and generosity of heart when the Mishkan was built, which can be achieved even with a small community project or event. Coming together as a community can especially be felt on the Chagim such as Pesach. At the beginning of our Sedarim we invite those who are hungry and those who are alone to join us at our Seder table, and this invitation can be extended beyond our homes so that everyone can feel a part of the community.  Yet, the most powerful way for individuals to identify with the community is to follow the example of those who participated in the building of the Mishkan and find a way to contribute to the community and be ‘giving of a full heart’, no matter how small or big.  

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