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  • תמונת הסופר/תMartin van den Bergh

The desires of the individual and the good of the crowd

I am alarmed at the decision of the London Corporation to allow transgender people to swim in the women's only session at the open-air pool at Hampstead Heath. I think they have got their moral compass confused. They think that a transgender person's rights outweigh those of a group of women. This reflects the crazy world we live in, in which a person can claim that she or he has a right to do what they want, even though it may affect another person. But, surely a person should be allowed to pursue their rights, as long as it is not detrimental to others. This last week I was visiting a hospital in Jerusalem and as I was waiting for my appointment, I had a coffee in one of the cafe shops. In the seating area outside were signs saying smoking is forbidden. But, one person was attempting to bypass this until I pointed out that smoking was not permitted in this area. If somebody wants t smoke or fulfil her or his personal preferences, then they should do so, only as long as it is not detrimental to others and to the crowd.

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Extremism spreads contempt

Like many people I was horrified at the end of Yom Kippur by the news of the events at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv when extremist leftists attacked those who were praying in an area which separated

The war against our negative traits -

המלחמה נגד היצר הרעהמלחמה נגד היצר הרע יש כמה מפרשים ובתוכם המעם לועז וכן בספר 'שני לוחות הברית' של הרב ישעיהו הלוי הורוביץ שמצצתים מדרש אחד. שהיה חסיד אחד ששמע שהמלך אלכסנדר יכנס לעיר יחד עם חילו

The minhag of saying the Azharot on Shavuot

Shavuot does not have any specific Mitzvot apart from the usual Mitzvot of Yom Tov. Yet, there a number of Minhagim which distinguish Shavuot such as eating cheesecake, learning through the night, dec


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