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  • תמונת הסופר/תMartin van den Bergh

The antidote to Antisemitism

The rise of antisemitism should be a a great concern for us all, Jews and non-Jews alike. But, the only plausible antidote to this is for Jews to live their Judaism without fear. At the same time Jews need to fulfil their divine mission of being a light to the nations.

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הצג הכול

This morning I heard the most terrible news on Israel Radio. There is a planned demonstration against Israel outside the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden in which they plan to burn a Torah Scroll.

Introduction As a congregational rabbi I have ministered to the dying and bereaved for more than thirty-five years. Helping others in what Rabbi Abner Weiss says “is the most universal of human experi

The question of Who is Jewish has hit the headlines again in the Jewish world, with the ruling of Israel's supreme court to recognise non-Orthodox conversion. As an Orthodox rabbi I obviously only rec

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