• Martin van den Bergh

In the face of the rocket attacks

Over the last few days Israel's citizens have faced the onslaught of rocket attacks from the Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Admittedly, I have not been directly targeted where I live in the centre of Israel. The nearest we came was yesterday when we heard the bangs of the iron dome intercepting the rockets as we were attending morning service in Synagogue.

However, what really upset me was the reporting of this no BBC world-service radio. It once again accused Israel as being the sole offender. It did not present a fair picture of events, of the fact that members of the Islamic Jihad and other groups, with the backing of Iran are not interested in peace. Gaza is not occupied lands, nor are large parts of the West Bank. All that Israel is to live in peace for the benefit of all its citizens. Also the plane difference between Israel and these attackers, is that Israel, in true Jewish tradition - values life, whereas others do not value life, even the lives of their children. Only when the world realises this - there will be true peace.

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